Stump grinding is the next step to completely remove a tree from your property. It requires specialty equipment and understanding of how to operate the machinery appropriately. You may need stump grinding when:

    • tree removal leaves an unwanted tree stump on your property.
    • troublesome root structures threaten property foundations or sidewalks.
    • you wish to remove a difficult or inaccessible stump.

Our Stump Grinding Approach

We efficiently and safely remove your stumps, up to a maximum depth of 13″ below grade. Here are the fundamentals of our tree removal approach:

We first ensure no public utilities are in the area where the work is to be done.
Remove Debris
We remove rocks and debris from the base of the tree stump to ensure safety and efficacy.
Preparation and Grinding
We trim down the stump and use the stump grinder to slowly chip away at remaining stump and root structure.
Turn the Soil
We turn the soil to till the ground stump back into the ground. We can also replace or reseed the soil.


Stump Grinding FAQ

What is tree stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the removal of a tree stump and associated root structure by the use of a specialty grinding machine to chip the wood into tiny chunks.

Can you remove stumps from hilly or difficult to access terrains?

Our machine can fit through standard 36″ gates and can handle most Colorado terrains, while not disturbing existing grass and turf

Will stump grinding affect a sprinkler system?

Underground locates do not mark and determine private utilities such as sprinkler heads. We conduct a visual inspection of sprinkler head locations and consult with the homeowner to prevent complications. In the event of any damage to unmarked facilities, Eco Tree Service is not liable for the cost of repair. However, we will work with you to complete any repairs as efficiently and economically as possible.

Do you charge to identify utilities?

We offer this service free of charge prior to any stump removal. We use a service that is provided by the state that works in conjunction with local utilities. Additional information can be found at

Eco Tree Service is your Colorado Springs Arborist of choice for stump grinding. We have the expertise to safely and effectively remove unwanted, dead, or diseased stumps from your property. Our commitment to quality and strict adherence to safety, cleanup, and standards is what separates us from the rest.