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ustainability is a core principle of our business. We live and work in the beautiful state of Colorado, and we look for ecologically-friendly ways to preserve that natural beauty. That’s why we keep a focus on sustainable tree trimming.

Sustainable tree trimming means a commitment to the long term health of the tree. As a homeowner, we know that you want to keep your home and trees a beautiful, long-term investment. That’s why we provide expert recommendations for your requests that help you meet those goals for now and the future. We want you to understand how this approach works in our business.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

Man hands holding a green young plant

We believe in our responsibility as arborists and community members to encourage sustainable tree care, including:

Growth Planning
We help you plan for beautiful trees on your property, while allowing a healthy growth rate for your trees..
No Tree Topping
We do not offer tree topping or services that provide short term results at the expense of long term tree health.
Pest Pruning
Tree trimming is one method of safely and effectively reducing infestation and preventing the spread of tree disease.


Our sustainable tree trimming practices and philosophy aren’t just about protecting the health of your trees. They are also about growing lifelong customer relationships. We are community members in Colorado Springs, and we provide only the kind of arborist services we’d be proud to stand by decades from now.


    • Prune trees at the best time, according to your arborist: when it is least stressful to the tree
    • Prune trees only as much as needed by tree type and age
    • Trim young trees appropriately to encourage the right features and shape in the adult tree
    • Use appropriate tools and precautions to safely remove branches


    • Remove more than 25% of a tree’s branches and leaves
    • Tree topping, or the thoughtless removal of branch ends. Topping can result in the early death of a tree, poor aesthetics, and more.
    • Trim trees susceptible to fire blight or oak wilt during vulnerable seasons

By standing by our philosophy of sustainability, we plant the seeds for the future health and wellness of your trees.

Written by Marty Karner