Tree removal is sometimes the best course of action for your overall property, trees, and needs. We work with you as the homeowner to determine whether this is the right solution, and when it is our expert crew will safely perform the task, from the tallest trees to the smallest shrubs. Tree removal may be necessary when:

    • the tree is in declining health
    • your tree may potentially cause damage to people or property
    • the tree is poorly located, blocking out sunlight, or obstructing above or below ground property elements
    • you decide on a new approach to your property landscaping

Removing a tree completely can be a tricky task, and have the equipment, expertise, and years of experience to get the job done well.

Our Tree Removal Approach

We efficiently and safely remove your trees when needed. Here are the fundamentals of our tree removal approach:

We thoroughly consult with you on the right approach for your tree, and how it can be safely removed.
Safety First
We strictly adhere to safety best practices to ensure that the process of removing the tree does not pose any safety threat for your property.
Cleanup and Removal
We leave your property in great condition, so that you don’t have extra debris on your property.
Firewood Available
In some cases, we can chop and stack the wood from your tree as cordword for your fireplace or wood burning stove.

Tree Removal FAQ

What is tree remval?

Tree removal includes safely cutting a tree down to stump level and removing the branches and trunk from your property.

Can you remove the stump?

Yes. We do offer stump grinding as an additional service to completely remove the stump and roots.

Do I have to remove diseased or pest-ridden trees?

Whether a disease or pest issue will require tree removal depends on when you catch the infestation. We will always seek to preserve your trees when it is best to do so.

Eco Tree Service is your Colorado Springs Arborist of choice for tree removal. We have the expertise to safely and effectively remove unwanted, dead, or diseased trees from your property. Our commitment to quality and strict adherence to safety, cleanup, and standards is what separates us from the rest.