Eco Tree Service is committed to provide our customers with expert care of all their trees, bushes and shrubs through a dedication to customer service, quality of work, safety, knowledge, arboriculture. It is our goal to build a relationship with our customers based on honesty, integrity and trust. We are deeply rooted, grow with us.




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Tree Pruning

Proper tree management is essential to a healthy urban forest. Regular pruning can provide an abundance of benefits to our community and local treescape. The selective trimming of a trees canopy can not only improve the general shape and appearance, it can improve structural integrity, direct positive future growth, reduce or remove hazards, prevent competition amongst limbs, and provide clearance for persons and property. A climber aloft can also perform an aerial inspection and visually inspect potential concerns from bugs, storm damage, or unusual growth patterns.

Our job is to take care of your trees and provide you with the best service available. We follow a strict code of ethics in regards to proper technique and practices. Pruning a tree is an art form and when done correctly, your trees will heal themselves from the pruning , and continue to provide the homeowner with years of enjoyment.


Removal of tree branches to stubs or reduction to lateral branches that are insufficient to assume the lead role is a practice that is unacceptable by the standards of respectable arborists.

Topping stresses trees, can lead to decay and creates a potentially hazardous situation where new growth is poorly attached to the tree. Also it’s ugly.

Eco Tree Service is fully capable of performing all tasks in crown thinning, raising and reduction. Eco Tree Service will not top your trees. While they are your trees, they are our business cards. Our commitment to quality and strict adherence to pruning ethics is what separates us from the rest.


While we hold all trees in high esteem, we understand that some trees must be removed for a variety of reasons; declining health, poor location, potential damage to persons or property, and simple homeowner convenience. When removal is the determined solution, our expert crew will safely perform the task, from the tallest trees to the smallest shrubs. Stump grinding is available if desired.

Stump Grinding

We are fully capable of removing most stumps from your yard. Our machine can fit through standard 36″ gates and can handle most Colorado terrains, while not disturbing existing grass and turf. We can grind to a maximum depth of 13″ below grade. Cost varies on size, accessibility, and difficulty of the stump. Additional services can include soil replacement and seeding.

Prior to any stump removal an underground locate must be performed to ensure that no utilities are in the area where work is to be performed. A tree service is provided by the state that works in conjunction with local utilities. This can be completed by Eco Tree Service at no extra charge or by the homeowner at their convenience. Additional information can be found at

Underground locates do not mark and determine private utilities such as sprinkler heads. A visual inspection of sprinkler head location along with the homeowner input usually results in no complications, however, in the event of any damage to unmarked facilities, Eco Tree Service is not liable for the cost of repair.